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This is why this election was a big deal.

Were I live, actual, for-real rural america, we have teenagers who kill themselves after coming out. Teachers do not openly protect or defend them. I live in a place were you can be raised by an abusive, addictive parent and DHS just doesn’t feel like dealing with you, even if you beg for help. Here, the church will give you free food.

Look up our last local teen suicide. Look up the one before that.

I live this every fucking day. Do you know what these kids are seeing right now?

We very clearly had TWO options in this election.

This morning, people I personally know, lost all hope of EVER getting the chance to come out during high school/ever. You know why? Because all they can see right now, the only physical thing within their reach, is that we let Donald Trump become our president.

The allies you talk about, THEY DONT FUCKING LIVE HERE.

I live in a place where if you don’t stand for the pledge, your grades will be affected and then your job will be affected.

The people who had the power to stop this, you staid complacent. Congratulations, you made today a very different and dangerous place for the rest of us.

Today, OUR president thinks it is okay if my daughter is raped and sexually assaulted. This is my country. There is nothing I can do. All I could do was vote, I did, and we lost.

I don’t give a fuck about your blue projected future maps. RIGHT NOW,  THIS SECOND, YOUR president represents you. Pussy grabbing and all. The things that mattered, the things our president stands for, the real things, like how we treat each other and love each other, we, as a mother fucking country, just voted for fucking Donal Trump.


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The Measure of Success

So there’s this girl I know and I absolutely adore her. She runs her own company where she gets to work directly with her husband, just like Rory and I. Her and I are about the same age, we mirror each other in a looooooot of things, however, we are polar opposite on basically evvvvverything. Like, everything.

Politics, religion, income, lifestyle, life choices, location, physical appearance….literally, evvvvvverything.

I have been trying to pinpoint what it is about this person that I find so alluring. She makes me laugh and totally gets my humor, and yet, we have totally never met and have verrrrrrrry little in common.

As I have pondered this for over a year now, I finally realized my answer. She is genuinely sweet and it makes ME want to be happy and sweet!

Her happiness is infectious and it made me think of something…

(Cover your ears kids…)

We can either keep bitching about how shitty everything is, OR we can get off of our asses and fucking choose to be happy. CHOOSE to look for the positive. CHOOSE to put sprinkles on everything. Choose to fucking squeal OVER CRAFT PAPER!! Choose to be happy and over use exclamation points like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Choose.To.Keep.Going. Things are shitty sometimes, and NOTHING you are going through is trivial. So, stamp a smiley face on that poo and color that bitch like a rainbow and choose happiness.

And thats why I adore this random stranger on the internet. She inspires me to be sweet, she inspires me to love as much as humanly possible, and she inspires me to get my hustle on EVERY day.

Also, I am going to buy pink pants tonight because I want to, and I am not going to worry about my panty lines because I have a phat ass.

*fist bump*




You guuuuuys! I am finally working full time in our new studio!! (Hence my lack of updates…I have been able to DOUBLE my order volume!!!)



Please check out #LaneLabBuild on Instagram for the full progress photos!

Check out our current project here. We are going mobile!

#SoapBus #TheLaneLab

#SoapBus #TheLaneLab

Book Journals using Sweet Stamp Shop’s Book Club set.

My first crafty video tutorial type thing. Yay!

You can find this stamp set here:

I believe they are sold out right now but have a restock planned late May!




P.S. There are no affiliate links or gift products in this post, I just think the Sweeties are rad folk.

Where Have The Lanes Been?

Busting our bums building the most amazing studio EVER! Are you ready for the full unveiling later this month? The changes have been phenomenal!






IMG_3493Rory is just finishing up little things like base trim and cleaning up the original door hardware while I move Luxury Lane Soap operations into the new space!

We are planning a full Final Phase blog post very soon. *Excited*

See more before photos here!


Free Candy Heart Soap from

Enjoy a free candy heart themed soap with any order from now through Valentine’s Day. -XOXO


Soap and a Volkswagen Part 3 – So Fresh. So Clean.

Just incase you missed it, Soap and a Volkswagen Part 1 – Bringing Her Home and Soap and a Volkswagen Part 2 – Disassembly.

Before we go any further, I want to tell you two things.

#1 Why “Soap and a Volkswagen”? The plan for this vehicle is to turn her into a pop-up shop for Luxury Lane Soap. I want to set up an adorable, mobile, Volkswagen shaped shop and sell at fairs and markets across North America. I want to spend my summers camping with my family and meeting all of our wonderful fans and customers. I want to give hugs in person and thank you for being a part of our lives. It sounds silly and dramatic but this is all because of you and it is time I gave you a high five, in person.

#2 She has a name. Naming your project is just something you do in my family. Look at my adorable grandparents with their projects, Herby and Matilda. 10419620_10202524449974904_6298404855454575892_n

You name your project because much like a child, you will be giving this baby life. You will nurse her through sickness and health and you will spend all of your money bringing her to her full potential. This is serious business and must be taken seriously. For serious. So, what is her name? Miss Erica. The “Miss” is important because she’s a proper lady. Why Miss Erica? That is what my dad called me when I was little. Awwwwwwwww.

Now that we have that all cleared up, onward to what you are really hear for, a soaking wet, sexy, piece of machine…

IMG_1753 IMG_1762 After Rory washed the outside, I was so ready to tackle in inside!


I have been waiting to scrub this babe out since the second I saw her!

IMG_1775Look at how beautiful she is!! Pro tip: Herbal Essence Shampoo.IMG_1784 IMG_1793 No rust in the floor! This was a huge surprise for us. Miss Erica is 44 years old. You just don’t find Volkswagens this clean. IMG_1799 IMG_1800 IMG_1803 IMG_1809 IMG_1807 Seriously. The doors aren’t even rusty. Just…swoon.IMG_1812 IMG_1818So this is where we are at now. I have plans to buff her all out this weekend and get that layer of burnt paint off while Rory gets the inside ready for an undercoat. Rust is a huge issue where we live so we want to seal everything up and get an extra layer of protection on as soon as possible.

I want to thank everyone who has been following along for this adventure. We have big plans including completely rebuilding the motor over the winter and finishing the interior in the spring. A full blown paint job is still a few years in the future because I am kiiiinda in love with the look of her right now. My hopes are to have her completely road worthy and safe to take her to a few venues next summer. You can help. Have an event in your area that we might be interested in? Please do not hesitate to mention in the comments below!


Much Love, Kylee Lane

You can see more photos of our adventure with hashtag #VWLane on instagram every other Saturday!

(Interested in being a part of this project? Check out the patreon here!)