An idea…

Earlier this week I posted about the joy of invention. Making mistakes into something more. It only seems fitting to end the week on a similar note.

Today I released the Companion Cube Soap. *gasp* I know. Stunning.

I really want to thank everyone who RT’d and sent love for my new soapy creation. Honestly though, all credit goes to my production leader, Rory Lane. (Who, btw, FINALLY has a twitter! @Rory_Lane. Give him a follow. He is awkward and hilarious.)

The Companion Cube was an idea we both had and became very excited over, but I knew I wouldn’t have the patience to do it with such….well, I wouldn’t have had the patience. Period.

The production of this piece was very slow (and at times extremely annoying…). It began with nothing more than a simple 2×2 inch wood block. That’s it. From there, my husband was able to turn this basic shape into a marvelous work of art.

Wood, foam, primer, glue and lots of sanding…The basic design is formed!

Regretfully, I didnt take enough pictures…I do have a business to run…

This is the actual final product which was molded.

We tried two different types of molding before a technique was found that worked to our liking and which stood up to our standards of product perfection. After the mold was finalized, next color matching and soap formulas had to be created and followed with fragrance testing. (My favorite part!!)

After many moons, weeks, and months, our creation is now ALIVE!

It is such a wonderful feeling watching something being built from the ground up. Making something like this is no easy task and not for the weak, BUT SO WORTH IT! Really, anything I say is going to sound cliche’…

So. I want to know one thing YOU have created. Anything. What have you made that makes you proud…or taught you a lesson? Anything. And if you have never ever made anything, go make something right now. Matter of fact, double extra points to anyone who feels inspired to create.

You need a bribe? Of course you do. ♥ (This is where I tell you I am going to give you something!)

Leave a comment on this post (with a contact email) telling me something you have made or want to make or are in the process of making and I will do a drawing for one winner to receive TWO Companion Cube Soaps. I will announce a winner Friday, October 22nd, during the #FF love fest on Twitter and tell everyone how awesome you are.

♥♥♥ Want extra entries? You can 1.) Tweet about this giveaway and post a link to the tweet here and/or 2.) Tell me how much you love me.
And we have our winner!!!

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