An idea…

Earlier this week I posted about the joy of invention. Making mistakes into something more. It only seems fitting to end the week on a similar note.

Today I released the Companion Cube Soap. *gasp* I know. Stunning.

I really want to thank everyone who RT’d and sent love for my new soapy creation. Honestly though, all credit goes to my production leader, Rory Lane. (Who, btw, FINALLY has a twitter! @Rory_Lane. Give him a follow. He is awkward and hilarious.)

The Companion Cube was an idea we both had and became very excited over, but I knew I wouldn’t have the patience to do it with such….well, I wouldn’t have had the patience. Period.

The production of this piece was very slow (and at times extremely annoying…). It began with nothing more than a simple 2×2 inch wood block. That’s it. From there, my husband was able to turn this basic shape into a marvelous work of art.

Wood, foam, primer, glue and lots of sanding…The basic design is formed!

Regretfully, I didnt take enough pictures…I do have a business to run…

This is the actual final product which was molded.

We tried two different types of molding before a technique was found that worked to our liking and which stood up to our standards of product perfection. After the mold was finalized, next color matching and soap formulas had to be created and followed with fragrance testing. (My favorite part!!)

After many moons, weeks, and months, our creation is now ALIVE!

It is such a wonderful feeling watching something being built from the ground up. Making something like this is no easy task and not for the weak, BUT SO WORTH IT! Really, anything I say is going to sound cliche’…

So. I want to know one thing YOU have created. Anything. What have you made that makes you proud…or taught you a lesson? Anything. And if you have never ever made anything, go make something right now. Matter of fact, double extra points to anyone who feels inspired to create.

You need a bribe? Of course you do. ♥ (This is where I tell you I am going to give you something!)

Leave a comment on this post (with a contact email) telling me something you have made or want to make or are in the process of making and I will do a drawing for one winner to receive TWO Companion Cube Soaps. I will announce a winner Friday, October 22nd, during the #FF love fest on Twitter and tell everyone how awesome you are.

♥♥♥ Want extra entries? You can 1.) Tweet about this giveaway and post a link to the tweet here and/or 2.) Tell me how much you love me.
And we have our winner!!!

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20 Responses to An idea…

  1. Nielle says:

    You are amazing! Do you ever sleep? 😛 I plan on tweeting this up!

    Many things I'm in the process of making; websites, bellydance choreographies, fiction stories… not enough time in the day!

    Keep up the great work <3

  2. Seraphim Leigh says:

    Hell yeah, how awesome is that?!!/pirateseraphim/status/27453300267

    As for me? I'm working on creating some epic soap, inspired by such lovely ladies as yourself and @GeekyClean, and a few cute others!

  3. Chicanerys.Muse says:


  4. Jedimom says:

    I am a costumer, so I make many things, especially for my son's costumes. I have made thermal detonators, various guns, and my favorite things were the intricate Valentine's Day card boxes I made for him for school — a pirate ship, an alligator, and a dinosaur

  5. SarahLouise says:

    Love love love it!! (and you a'course!)

    At the minute, I'm working on blog posts, website articles, comic doodling and handmade bookmarks to sell for charity. And the big creation right now is my art portfolio!

  6. Pink Spectacles says:

    Wow that is too cool! I posted this on a fellow Portal fan's Facebook page 🙂 Speaking of creating things, I created a plush companion cube for said friend just the other day, and have just started my Kaylee (from Firefly) Halloween costume. Anywho! Always been a fan – much love from the South African geek front 😉

  7. KatieDoyle says:

    I love this soap. It just fills me with delight to see it. Everything is SO perfect.
    And I'm gonna go with the BEST thing I've ever created. =)
    Anyway, my creation is kind of lame and nerdy, but so am I!
    When I was 17, I was in a poetry class that was all based on form poetry (sonnets, pontoons, limericks, etc.).
    Anyway, one poem we had to do was a sestine which involves using six different words at the end of each of six lines in six stanzas in a repeating order.
    Does that sound like a bitch? Good-because it totally was. I moaned and complained and slaved over that damn poem but when I was finished, it was probably the best thing I've ever written, was very me, and won me $50 in a writing contest.
    (I could talk about how much I love you, but OBVIOUSLY you already know that and anything I could say about your amazing ideas, skills, and creations would be redundant, OF COURSE.)

  8. Missy says:

    I love you. SOOOO much. But you know this. I've helped you out so much recently. <3 And I will continue to offer my help to you, mostly free of cost (come on, getting free shit from you is great. ;)).

    I used to create Twitter backgrounds for small businesses. It was fun. But what I'm really proud of, is the fact that I can create happiness in almost everyone I talk to. I love making people laugh and I love boosting egos. That is what I'm best at (I'm your pierced, tattooed cheerleader ;)), and it fills me with so much joy to see someone get so incredibly happy just by getting a compliment from me. <3

  9. fetfet says:

    OK, first of all, let me say that I am officially in love with you, and everything you do. You are an amazing woman with a big heart, and I big heart you back. This soap, too, is amazing. I was terribly sad about burning this lil' guy, so this seems appropriate.

    Anyways, crafting. I am not a big crafter. I can barely draw, and I write some, but I'm not big on the making as a whole. So this here entry is about what I want to craft.

    I had this idea a few weeks ago, in a haze. I was feeling creatively understimulated, and I had just made an Etsy account. It was hell seeing it sit there, unused. Bleh. I was thinking of something to put up there, but I could not. My first instinct is geekiness, so I thought of a geeky product I could make. You and others have the market cornered on soap, and there are cookie makers, pillow-makers, dice-bag makers, and t-shirt makers elsewise. It seemed hopeless, and frankly, I was tired. I turned to my bed, and immediately had one of the best ideas of my life – geeky blankets. I couldn't believe it. I drew up some ideas, tested them on Twitter, discussed some styles with a friend, and after a few days, I had an idea of how much this was gonna take. I think, though, that I'm ready. Hopefully I can start selling geeky pillow-cases and duvet covers very soon.

    To tell you the truth, I was inspired by you, and your amazing ability to create, among others. You're great.

    Tweet is here:

  10. Lorien says:


    How much do I love thee? But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Kylee is the sun…

    …no, wait.

    I love you because YOU, madam, took a massive risk for your kiddo, and were not only hugely successful with it, but you did it in a way that is hugely unique and makes you incredibly happy. That, in my eyes, is the perfect situation, and I admire you for your perseverance, passion, and will.

    To tie into that, it's basically what I'm missing for my current project du jour: I am in the process of writing a novel, but so many self-consciousness issues have been plaguing me lately that my passion has been sucked out. I finished the story, basically, but going back through it has certainly been an experiment. 130,000 words, and no end in sight to the toil.

    However, I'm starting to slowly but surely become more comfortable with it, and I think I'm kinda proud of it. So… I'm not going to give up, and you're an incredible inspiration.

    So thank you, lady, for being you. 😉



  11. Casey says:

    Okay, it's totally silly, and more than a little bit frivolous, but what I made was my 7-year-old self's dream finally come true 🙂 After years of thinking and not doing, my best friend and I finally sat down and made the working mermaid tails that we were imagining when we dangerously tied our legs together with towels in the swimming pool as children 🙂

    (photo courtesy of the beautiful and talented @tlpix)

    Of course, we love you to death because you make our little grown up companion cube dreams come true WITHOUT getting any chlorine up our noses! <3

  12. NakedHobo says:

    Oh boy, so many projects going on.

    I am slowly piecing together a Steampunk outfit. I have many of the small accessories and have a nifty water gun I change into something cool and steamlike.

    I also have the giant battleboard I am working on for my miniatures. I need to buy more foam because I don't have anywhere near enough.

    I won't even go into all the half finished, partially started, abandoned and reclaimed writing projects I have sitting around either.

  13. Mallory says:

    I love you and your stuff i am always telling my friends about you and the stuff u make.
    I am currently working on my Gothic Lolita costume for the Fan Expo coming up in march also I am constantly drawing and making products for a site called IMVU or designing avatar pics.

    Keep making amazing things <3
    (e-mail is in my info on DA)

  14. handcraftedCarolyn says:

    I make lots of things, regularly, however my most recent discovery has been a pair of felted slippers. Being a knitter of extreme new-ness, I also had never felted anything before. I'd like to say that it was a complete success, but I just don't know the answer. They do look quite cute though! I sure hope they fit my friend.

    Extra Bonus Fun Time!

    1) Twittered!

    2) You=awesome and adorable. I love you because you are super fun to talk to on the twitter and you are super smart and creative. Plus you're super. End Love Fest.

  15. astandy says:

    I made a city! Back in 1998 I became heavily involved in an attempt to incorporate a new city in Colorado. Sept. 12 was the 10th anniversary of the largest incorporation of a city in the US. We are over 100,000 people and I served on the inaugural City Council for 7 3/4 yrs. I'm now on the Planning Commission. I couldn't be prouder of the city we created!

  16. Chronic Geek says:

    Woohoo! This is fantastic!

    Something I have made that I am proud of would be a recent Java program that I coded that is a very simple DnD map generator.


  17. Chris Spurgin says:

    You make the best dang soaps ever!

    Something I'm in the process of creating involves music. Four of my friends and I have formed a band called Five Year Mission that showcases our collective love of two things: music and Star Trek TOS. We're all writing, performing and recording one song for each of the episodes of the original series, and I haven't had this much fun writing and playing music in a looooong time. It is a total nerdy blast.

    I tweeted about your contest here:

    And, of course, much love!

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