Another Year

20120107-233954.jpg Hope everyone had a beautiful Holiday Season full of sweet treats and epic squees of joy.

We stayed very busy with work and very sick kids until a few days before Christmas where we just shut the doors, turned off the phones, hung blankets over the windows and watched movies and snuggled. Kids slept in until almost 10am on Christmas morning…which was the best gift they could have given us…

Next year will be our first Christmas in the new house so we spent a fair amount of time reflecting on our journey to buying said house. As most of you know, right now we are living (and running the business) above a garage in our future backyard. There was no space for a tree or decorations, though the kids did manage to draw and decorate plenty. Rory and I decided not to buy gifts for each other anymore (Holidays, birthdays, our anniversary…) and put all of our money into a savings account. As the gift-less year came to an end, we were (and still are) both pretty happy. Of course we bought the kids their usual assortment of jammies, books and art supplies for Christmas morning, but deciding not to gift each other has actually relieved a bit of stress…so we just make out more.

So another year has come and gone. 2012 looks like it is going to be loaded with a multitude of personal and professional changes, from a new home to a new work studio, new websites to new appilances, this will be the year we finally start living our real lives. …because you know, everything up until this point was just practice and learning, right?

From my family to you and yours, much love and well wishes for a kick-ass 2012. ♥

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